Anti Bullying Week

During anti bullying week all classes spent time discussing the term ‘Bullying’ and how this can be prevented. Children in some classes made posters. Others role played bullying situations, recognising the signs of bullying and others wrote poetry and used photography to try and understand how a victim of bullying would feel inside and how it may look on the outside.

In our discussions all pupils recognised that bullying is rare and doesn’t happen in our school, however, they also recognised how name calling and cyber bullying could get out of hand and potentially have a devastating impact on children’s lives and their families.

Year 4 wrote some powerful poems about bullying.  See more from Class 4 –  Class 4 Blog for anti-bullying Vlogs

Anger is blooming 

As I walk around the playground, you see me and flare up,

Anger is blooming inside of me with every blow,

Every punch, kick and blow entertains you,

You make me mad and sad with every attack,

My smooth skin is now lumpy and bruised from your fists,

You want to fight and fight,

And I give in.

By Rhiannon

Bullying hurts

Do  you see me going to my room and crying from the pain every day after school?

I think it will happen again tomorrow.

Do you see my mum asking me why I have so many cuts and bruises?

I am too scared to tell her.

Do you hear the enormous tear drops of sadness dropping heavily on the floor?

Don’t you know that your heart has gone forever and has been replaced by a black hole that sucks in happiness and joy?

Do you enjoy every moment that you kick,hit and punch me?

I bet you’re the devil in disguise.

Do you hear my glass heart shatter and crack and smash to millions of pieces when you bully me?

Do you hear my heart beating rapidly like a drum when you come near me?

Do you know you haven’t won?

Now I am stronger. Tougher.

Now I see fear in your eyes.

By Ethan

Black hole heart

Do you see the pain the pain in my bones?

Do you hear my friends asking me why I’m always alone?

Do you know the pain that goes through my cold veins?

Do you recognise the pain I fee?

Do you see the grazes, bumps, scratches and bruises?

Do you know you’re as mean as the devil?

Do you know you’re a lion ready to pounce and I am the weak prey?

Do you know that your heart is a black hole?

I am the one who finally stands up to you.

By Jacob

Year 5 and 6 Anti Bullying

Year 5 & 6 created some images showing empathy with a bully victim

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