We have had a very positive response to our sport ‘Boxing’ newly introduced this year. Some parents have commented that this is the first time their child has been interested in a sport Teachers have reported that girls have particularly taken to this and otherwise shy and less confident children have also embraced the sport. It has been a huge hit with our children with SEN.
What do the children think?

‘It’s amazing and has actually encouraged me to join a boxing club.’

Holly , year 6

‘It really brings up children’s confidence and independence. Most sports are team games but with boxing you can do it on your own even without equipment.’

Kiana. year 6

‘It teaches you co-ordination and self-defence. You can see progress each week as you learn different moves.’

Saskia, year 6

‘We didn’t have this in Australia – Here you have proper sports.’

Callum, year 5

‘It’s brilliant – It gives you confidence’

Daniel Gower, year 5

We are extremely happy with the success of boxing and it will be interesting to see how many children join the after school club in the summer term.