What is geocaching?
Geocaching is an exciting outdoor adventure for the whole family. It’s a treasure hunt for the digital generation, where you can enjoy the freedom of being outside and discovering new places. All you need is a handheld GPS and a sense of fun.

A geocache or ‘cache’ is a small waterproof treasure box hidden outdoors. Geocachers seek out these hidden goodies guided by a GPS enabled device which uses coordinates, or ‘waypoints’

A message from Mrs Ledger:

Calling all adventurers! As a way of encouraging the community to get a little taste of the kind of exciting geography we do at Sandridge School, we are going to become part of the geocaching community. You may already be a geocache enthusiast yourself, but if it all sounds a bit strange you can find out more about what is involved by visiting this website We will be planting a cache somewhere near the school, but we need your help to decide what to put inside as items for exchange. The cache will be small, only 22x12x7cm, so suggestions for what goes inside will need to be quite small! We would like the exchange items to initially reflect our school, so it could be a picture of our school badge, or a famous Sandridge School bookmark. Please give your suggestions to Mrs Ledger by Friday 24th October. We will let you know when the cache has been placed, and when people start to find it!