Geography Mapping

Our new Geography curriculum has got off to a flying and creative start here at Sandridge! Year 2 and Year 3 shared some of their work with the school in this morning’s assembly: Year 2 have been inspired by Katy Morag, and have started looking at the countries which make up the United Kingdom. There were some very impressive UK maps on show, Mr Dourado explained that they were also beginning to look at the world’s continents. Later in the day, some of the children visited me to show me their maps of Katy Morag’s island – there were some super geographical features on display, and I could identify everything using the very accurate key each group had used. Well done Year 2!
geog year 2
In Year 3, the children are also doing osme work on continents. They have made some amazing globes which are going to be hung up in the classroom when they are finished. They are looking specifically at some of the countries in Europe and shared their carefully drawn flags of countries such as Sweden and Macedonia.
geog year 3
Mrs Annie Ledger
Geography Subject Leader