Governor Information

Sandridge School Governing Body


Name Category of Governance Term of Office Roles and Responsibilities
Mr Andy Boxer Co-opted Governor 01/09/16 – 31/08/20 Chair, Headteacher performance appraisal, all committees
Ms Natalie Miles-Kemp


Co-opted Governor 01/09/15 – 31/08/19 Vice-chair, Governor induction co-ordinator, F&P / C&P committees
Miss Lisa Roberts Headteacher 01/09/16 – present  
Miss Marika Moore Staff Governor 01/09/16 – 31/08/20 Assistant Head / Y6 teacher
Mrs Ellie Faulkner Co-opted Governor 08/07/13 – 08/02/20 SEND, C&P committee
Mrs Tracy Burge Parent Governor 31/03/14 – 30/03/18 Pupil Premium, CLA, Chair F.P&P committees
Mrs Rhian Hill Parent Governor 01/07/16 – 30/06/20 F&P committee, School Website
Mrs Lily Pratt Parent Governor 31/03/14 – 30/03/18 Child Protection, C&P, Committee

In addition to Full Governing Body meetings which take place six times a year, the Finance & Personnel / Curriculum & Pastoral Committees meet three times a year. The Pay Committee meets as required.


Finance & Personnel Andy Boxer, Natalie Miles-Kemp, Tracy Burge, Rhian Hill
Curriculum & Pastoral Andy Boxer, Natalie Miles-Kemp, Ellie Faulkner, Lily Pratt
Pay Andy Boxer, Tracy Burge


The Clerk to the Governors is Mr John Conlon who is also the Governor Development and Training Co-ordinator.

Approved Governor minutes which detail attendance at meetings are available in the School Office.

School Development Plan and Priority Links:

SDP Priority 1: Maths Andy Boxer, Lily Pratt
SDP Priority 2: To raise standards in Boys Writing
SDP Priority 3: To develop a more robust use of data that targets under-achievement Lily Pratt
SDP Priority 4: To ensure middle/senior leaders and governance are having an impact on achievement Andy Boxer
Child Protection and Safeguarding Lily Pratt
Special Education Needs (& Disability) Ellie Faulkner, Andy Boxer
Pupil Premium (including Children Looked After & Free School Meals) Tracy Burge
School website Rhian Hill
Health and Safety audits Tracy Burge & Andy Boxer


Register of Governors’ Pecuniary (business) interests and relationships within the Governing Body and School:

Name Business Interests Relationships
Mr Andy Boxer None None
Ms Natalie Miles-Kemp None None
Miss Lisa Roberts None None
Miss Marika Moore None None
Mrs Ellie Faulkner None None
Mrs Tracy Burge None None
Mrs Rhian Hill None None
Mrs Lily Pratt None None


Previous Governors in Post

Name Category of Governance Term of Office Roles and Responsibilities
Mr Patrick Mahoney Parent Governor 15/1/16 – 12/5/17
Mr John Newton-Davies Co-opted 1/9/15 – 28/4/17
Mrs Annette Adkins Co-opted 9/2/15 – 28/4/17  
Mrs Cindy Impey Headteacher (previously Deputy Head) 01/01/09 – 31/08/16  Headteacher
Mr Frank Bowron Co-opted 01/09/11 – 31/08/16  Chair of Governors
Mrs Annie Ledger Staff 18/11/13 – 31/08/16  


Governor Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings for 2016/2017

Governor Name Meeting held on


Meeting held on 14/11/16 Meeting held on 06/02/17 Meeting held on 20/03/17 Meeting

held on


Meeting held on 10/07/17
Mr Andy Boxer Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  
Ms Natalie Miles-Kemp N  Y  Y  Y  Y  
Miss Lisa Roberts Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  
Miss Marika Moore Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  
Mrs Ellie Faulkner Y  Y  Y  N  Y  
Mrs Tracy Burge Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  
Mrs Annette Adkins Y  N  N  N  –  –
Mr John Newton-Davies Y  N  Y  Y  –  –
Mr Patrick Mahoney Y  Y  Y  Y  –  –
Mrs Rhian Hill Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  
Mrs Lily Pratt Y Y Y Y  Y  

Sandridge School staff would like to thank the Governing Body for all their hard work and everything they do for the school and its pupils.