International School Award

International School Award

Sandridge School has received  the International School Award which is an award from the British Council. The aim of the award is to:

  • Make children more aware of the world around them
  • Provide children with opportunities to learn about other countries and cultures
  • Reward schools that have embedded international and global opportunities across the school year and curriculum
  • Give children opportunities to link and communicate with children across the world through letters, pictures, email, blogging and video links.

Teachers to have the opportunity to visit link schools to share good practice In order to gain the International School Award, Sandridge have been hard developing our international links. In addition to everyday teaching in Geography, English and topic lessons where pupils may learn about other countries around the world, we have set up at least 7 activities that will develop children’s learning about the world. Some of these activities will be linked with our partner schools; 2 French schools and 1 school in Texas, USA!

Look  out for International Week in March – Parents will be invited in to share their traditional cuisine on Thursday 3rd March 2016.

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