The Mathematics Door

grey door


Wow! What a huge door to pass through with never-ending and full pathways. The maths door will provide you with challenge, excitement, problem solving and investigating.

Through this door, there are endless other doors, some easier to pass through than others. When you pass through this door, you will be provided with the support you need to unlock your full potential in Maths. Teachers, teaching assistants and ‘experts’ in the class will help you to understand, question and develop your mathematical understanding. Resources of all kinds: beautifully coloured cubes, shapes, bead strings and counters, will guide you down your paths and encourage you to work independently.

Your teacher and your peers will immerse you into a wide range of rich, specific and accurate maths vocabulary – all of which you will use and apply to your reasoning and explanations about your maths work. You will be able to communicate your mathematical findings and apply these skills and knowledge to other areas of your learning.

Through the Mathematics door, you will explore different learning environments. You might be a shopkeeper in your own store, investigating language of shapes, working collaboratively to solve a problem or grappling with your own mathematical questions. Your teacher will help Maths learning to be engaging, exciting and the classroom to be buzzing.

This Maths door will turn you into an explorer, an investigator and a problem solver. You will be given opportunities to master each topic, apply your knowledge to problems and work mathematically to understand every concept. You will become fluent and confident in your Maths knowledge which will encourage you to independently try new techniques and go through other doors.

When you pass through this Mathematics door, you will believe and achieve. You will be provided with all you need to achieve in all areas of Mathematics and be encouraged to challenge yourself to become an even better mathematician. Through this Maths door, you will be excited and inquisitive and know that this endless bank of Maths knowledge will help you through many other doors in your life.

If you would like to know more about the curriculum your child is following, please speak with your child’s class teacher who will be happy to give you further information and signpost you to useful websites.