Modern Foreign Languages

The MFL Door

grey door


Et voila`!! … You will unlock a love of language!

You will have a regular French teacher who will enthuse about their subject and so create enthusiastic learners. Lessons will be kinaesthetic and fun with lots of listening and speaking opportunities that will give you the confidence to ’have a go’.

You will use interactive games and activities on the iPads to make sure that if you are not so confident at first with the writing, you are not discouraged or put off learning a new language. You will use recording equipment to have fun with pronunciation.  You will use props for engaging in fun role play to make the experiences more ‘real’.

You will have a French/English dictionary for every pair in the class when you do your French lesson so that you can be independent in exploring the language for yourself.

You will get used to using French in your day to day routines, like taking the register, choosing lunches and greeting each other. You will learn French songs and sing English songs in French that will expand your vocabulary. You will have opportunities to listen to and join in with familiar stories in French.

When you become a confident linguist you will be taking on the role of the teacher’s assistant to help those who find something a bit more challenging to overcome obstacles or doubts.

We will monitor you so that you can be given the support you need to become a confident speaker so that no one is at a disadvantage.

You will be talking to each other about what we love to learn in French and what we find most enjoyable.

You will celebrate our multicultural society and increasingly multicultural nature of your school by celebrating not just French but also other nationalities in assemblies and on international days held in the school.

Opening the door to MFL will go on to open more doors for you – travelling and new opportunities to meet and communicate with new people… it will be your stepping stone to learning other languages in the future.

On y va!!

If you would like to know more about the curriculum your child is following, please speak with your child’s class teacher who will be happy to give you further information and signpost you to useful websites.