Recreating van Gogh’s Starry Night

Starry night van Gogh

On April 2nd the whole school had an art day.

The chosen painting was Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. Each class selected their medium and spent the day re-creating this master piece.

Year 6 Holly Starry Night

Holly in Year 6 re-created her own version of Starry Night

Year 1 used a combination of pastels, chalk and collage to create their Starry Night.

year 1 starry night a  year 1 starry night b

Year 3 used collage to recreate Starry Night

Year 3 art

Year 4 used paint and collage to recreate Starry Night

IMG_0830[1]  IMG_0831[1]   IMG_0832[1]

Year 5 used pastels and chalk

IMG_0814  IMG_0818  IMG_0811

Year 6 were able to choose but justify their choices


‘I wanted to get a day dreamy effect so I smudged the colours together.’


‘I originally felt a bit worried that I might mess up but by the end I felt I had achieved it. My final Piece turned out a little different with the colours but I liked it. I’m really pleased with the outcome and I felt I did better than usual. Next time I will do more detail on the village. I think I want to do some more paintings.’  by Saskia


‘The village light signifies hope for the coming generation to complete the works you started.’


‘I was anxious at first but during the piece I lost that emotion and was consumed by calmness. My piece didn’t go entirely to plan, it didn’t feel dark enough and my small part of hope mixed too much as well. I am not pleased with the outcome because of a problem with the paints an an attempt to make movement created a happier feel which I didn’t want in it.’  by Dylan


‘I’d like to create the mood of daydreaming, sleepy’


‘Usually I’m not the best artist but I love art so much. I feel I’ve actually achieved something artistic. My final piece went to plan a little bit except I didn’t realise the chalk was that thick so it was a struggle. I changed some of the colours to the original. I’m quite pleased with the outcome.’ By Kiana