Sandridge bee garden

Our bee garden is underway, with thanks to our Sandridge helpers a couple of weeks ago.  We are replacing the pond area with a a bee paradise, filled with flowers and plants that the bees love. This is our first step towards encouraging bees. We are hoping through this project that not only will we encourage bees into our garden but learn more about them.  There is a lot already known about bees and our visit from Anne who came to talk last Friday 2nd May from the bee-keeping society, educated just that little bit more about the life-style of the bee. Learning about bees will give us a better understanding of what we can do to help them as well as a far greater understanding of our eco-system.

Getting the bee garden ready. Thank you Andrew and Sue Boxer, Alex Young and Tony Impey.

IMG_3572 IMG_3573 IMG_3576 IMG_3602 IMG_3610

It will soon be ready for planting.