Sandridge School Choir

Sandridge School Choir

Our choir is extremely popular and has almost 50% of Key Stage two children participate in this extra- curricular activity. It is an afterschool club and involves learning a large range of songs which include two and three part singing, rounds and harmonies as well as lots of opportunities for solo and group performances.

The confidence of our singers is quite incredible and causes problems when choosing soloists as there are so many brilliant singers to choose from! However all children have opportunities to perform solos if they would like.

Choir perform in three concerts each year. The Christmas concert is in St Leonard’s Church; the Easter Concert is a themed concert in school and the summer concert is a Musical acted by Year 6 (last year this was a superb performance of ‘Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies’.) They have become very skilled at singing harmonies and our senior choir are able to perform two and three part harmonies to an extremely good level.

As with all our extra-curricular activities the importance of learning and practising new skills in a fun environment is the focus. The children clearly love choir; its popularity is evidenced by the high proportion of children who belong to it!