School Attendance and Punctuality

School Attendance and Punctuality

Staff at Sandridge School want our pupils to enjoy school and achieve their potential. We are committed to promoting excellent levels of attendance and punctuality. The Government and Local Education Authority expectation for primary school children is for attendance rates of 95% or above. We would appreciate your support to ensure that all our pupils achieve this, enabling them to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them and improve their future life chances.

Parents are responsible in law for ensuring that their children attend the school at which they are registered, regularly, punctually and ready to learn.

If your child is absent from school, please contact us with the reason on the first day of absence, and confirm this in writing on your child’s return. It is the Head Teacher’s decision as to whether this absence is authorised or not. In most cases, absence is genuine and marked as authorised on the register

Registers are taken twice daily at 9:00am and 1:00pm. In the mornings, the registers close at 9:15am. Should your child arrive after the register has been closed, this will be marked as an unauthorised absence unless you provide a reasonable explanation. The school will follow up lateness, unauthorised absence and pupils with low levels of attendance. Our registers are inspected regularly by the Attendance Improvement Officer to ensure parents fulfil their legal responsibility of making sure their child(ren) attend school regularly and punctually.

On-going poor attendance and/or punctuality may result in the school making a request to the Local Authority for a Penalty Notice (explanation attached) or a referral to the Attendance Improvement Officer when court proceedings may be considered.

The aim of the staff is to work with our pupils and their parents so that the above courses of action are not necessary. Staff will praise good attendance, punctuality and improved attendance (and have an awards scheme to recognise this).

We look forward to working together with you. Thank you.