Science in action

Our targets in Science this year are teaching through investigation and through the learning of Science skills within the New Curriculum.

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We investigate in a variety of ways from our initial explorations to fair testing, pattern seeking, grouping, designing and researching.

All our teachers recognise the importance of teaching the skills of science through the knowledge of the curriculum in order to encourage good scientific practice and create the scientists of the future!

‘Having a skills focus has really helped me to plan in all the key skills required and not teach the units solely based on knowledge. As a result, assessing the children and planning next steps has become much easier……… and the children love investigating!!!!’ Miss Moore Year 6

Each teacher aims to ensure investigations are set within a real life context and as such our children are solving real life problems and understand the importance of science in the world in which we live.

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To support this very practical teaching of science we have a well- resourced science room with equipment which enables teachers to teach through exciting investigation activities.

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We are also using digital sensors and digital microscopes wherever possible and appropriate which the children absolutely love.  During our science week this was a focus and all classes used digital technology in their investigations.

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Our children seem to really enjoy their science lessons and certainly enjoy using the new equipment.

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Our aims for the future are to develop our outside environment so that more of our science investigations can take place outside.