The Science Door

grey door


You will learn through investigations using a whole range of exciting equipment including digital microscopes and LogIt sensors. Your teacher will make sure all your investigations are relevant to real life so that you are solving real life problems. You will be encouraged to ask your own questions to find answers to; you will then plan your own exciting investigations which you will adapt and change as you go along. You will use laptops, iPads and books to add detail to your findings or to initiate a new investigation.

Whenever possible your investigations will take place outside using the Outdoor Learning Area where you will be able to set up investigations and observe living things first hand.

Your teacher will work really hard to help you improve your conclusions and evaluations as these are a really important part of science – you will find yourself getting better and better at skills.

Sometimes you will spend a number of weeks doing an investigation in detail and you will find exciting ways to present your findings to the rest of the class. When you are carrying out these investigations, you will be using research to help you and you will change and adapt your plans as this is what scientists do.

By passing through this door you will have made your first steps to becoming a Scientist – one who may one day find a cure for cancer, find new ways to travel or find ways to boost crop productivity in developing countries. Imagine being that Scientist!

Science in action

If you would like to know more about the curriculum your child is following, please speak with your child’s class teacher who will be happy to give you further information and signpost you to useful websites.