Spiritual Development

Spiritual development

Understanding of self and others is at the heart of spiritual development and is not linked solely to a particular doctrine or faith. Spiritual development, is, therefore, accessible to everyone. All areas of the curriculum should contribute to pupils’ spiritual development.

Reflecting on Art

Art day

At Sandridge we value our close relationship with the community and especially St. Leonrads Church. At Christmas and  Harverst the Sandridge choir and band perform at the church and KS1 have visted the church this year to learn about christenings. Reverend Em Coley and Curate Peter Crumpler take school assembly several times during the school term. At Sandridge we follow the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus of Religious Education 2012 -2017. The syllabus requires that pupils learn about religion and that teachers  encourage pupils to reflect on their own beliefs and values whilst acknowledging that others may hold beliefs different to their own.