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St Albans Hertfordshire, AL4 9EB
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Choir and Band

We value music at Sandridge and recognise the immense joy it brings to pupils as well as giving them increased self-confidence, creativity and a sense of achievement. Our Band and Choir are two clubs in which our musicians can express themselves and develop their performance skills. Our musicians in both clubs are going from strength to strength and are challenged to play and sing more and more complex pieces all the time.

Our 27- piece band includes: 6 clarinettists, 6 flautists, a recorder player, a trumpeter, a horn player, 2 violinists, a bass guitarist, a ukulele player, a pianist, 6 glockenspiel players and a drummer. We meet weekly and practise and perform pieces from all musical genres including classical, marching bands and pop.

Our Christmas and Spring concerts to parents showcase our talents along with various assembly performances to the school, performances to local community groups such as at Jersey Farm Community Centre as well as at our Community Tea Party and during the winter and summer fairs held in school. Our peripatetic music teachers teach 50 individual and group lessons a week on the clarinet, dood, saxophone, flute, fife, ukulele, guitar, drums, horn, trumpet, violin and cello. As soon as pupils are able to play a few notes, we are able to write music which will enable them to join the Band.

Our 50 strong Choir perform 2- and 3-part harmonies in a variety of songs. Many of the Choir like to sing solos and many have the opportunity to do so at some point during their time in Choir. As well as performing at all the above concerts along with the Band, the Choir sing in the Year 6 musical production each Summer.
Although the Band and Choir are KS2 groups, our KS1 children are encouraged to start learning instruments but also have the opportunity to join the Bells’ ensemble and perform various pieces during the year including ‘The Last Post’ at our annual Remembrance Assembly.