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Dance is more than just an activity: it is a tool for growth, expression and understanding oneself.

Dance Club is held every Friday after school and provides our children with the opportunity to engage in physical activity whilst being creative. During sessions, the children are taught a variety of dance moves from a range of styles, and some of our dancers even teach the whole group moves they have come up with themselves.

Alongside learning the dances, the children have time to choreograph sections in small groups and develop their team working skills further.  Collaboration is actively encouraged and children of all ages work together to help all its members feel successful. Performing dance has become a larger part of the club, with many children wanting to spotlight their own choreographed dances each week– this has resulted in our dancers demonstrating increased confidence and resilience.

All the dances learnt throughout the year are performed at our Summer Fair each year and again, some of our dancers even choose to showcase their own skills which is always a pleasure to watch.