Computing in action

At Sandridge we aim to prepare pupils to be independent learners and one way to achieve this is through Information Technology. We aim to give pupils opportunities to use as many different resources to carry out many different tasks, after all we are preparing children for jobs which haven’t been invented yet!

We teach Computing through the curriculum as well as discretely where the children are taught the basics of programming.



Writing Formula –  children learn how to write formula, the example below shows them using IF statements and absolute cell addressing. This introduces pupils o logical testing which looks at a result based on a query or an instruction. They get to understand syntax and how to write simple formula.

Data Validation – Pupils are also taught about databases and the uses- Pupils are taught to consider the users of a system and the importance of data being entered correctly into any system. In order to reduce  errors through ‘user input, they are shown the Data Validation tool.  In the example below they have learnt to create a dialogue box which stops the user entering a quantity over 6.

Logical Testing                                     Data Validation

IMG_0210               IMG_7507

Information  Technology is being used extremely effectively in other curriculum areas such as science. Children in all classes have used the digital microscopes and most have used the LogIt Explorer to help with their investigations. The LogIt Explorer is a digital tool which measures, temperature, light, sound and speed and allows results to be graphed and stored on a computer.

All classes have a class blog and children are involved in blogging, with the teacher of course. The blogs are posted on the school website weekly and family and friends are immediately able to see what the children have been doing.