The English Door

grey door

Once you open the English door, you will be entering a fantastical world of language, imagination and communication; a world that will open up a million other doors to you without you even realising.

This is the power of the English door!

Your teacher will design a learning journey specifically for you, your skills and your interests. Through these units you will be presented with real life opportunities to apply the reading, writing and speaking and listening skills you will have been taught. Whenever possible, this may take your learning beyond the classroom and into the outside world. At times you will be asked to lead the learning and your teacher will adapt the learning to suit what you need or want to learn.  You will be supported by your adults at whatever stage of your learning this is needed; you may even become one of our experts and share your expertise with other learners!

You will be provided with a range of resources such as video, images or text; whatever it takes to grab your attention and pull you into a text which will excite and inspire your learning. You will be given the skills and knowledge to build your own texts through the effective use of grammar, spelling and punctuation. Your teacher will immerse you in the rich and exciting world of the English language where you will find yourself constantly on the search for deeper and more varied vocabulary.

Your imagination will be required to take you to all sorts of places; from battling Grendel to discovering the wonders in Uno’s Garden. Your classroom will become the mead hall and your friends will become your fellow characters. Your teacher will instil confidence in you so that you are able to perform and engage in drama activities fully.

Whenever possible your English skills will include the use of technology such as animation and iPads because we know that outside of school you are experts!

Your teacher will open up a whole other world of doors just through the love of reading. You will be encouraged to get lost in a text and your teacher will have the knowledge to provide you with a wide range of texts which will challenge, inspire and excite you. We will read to you and the rest of your class and will go alongside you on the journey through the story. You will help us to choose books that demonstrate the skills of both contemporary authors and those from our heritage.

By passing through the English door you will have taken your first steps into a world of fact, fiction, imagination and endless possibilities. The heaviest yet most satisfying door to open!

If you would like to know more about the curriculum your child is following, please speak with your child’s class teacher who will be happy to give you further information and signpost you to useful websites.