The History Door

grey door


By passing through the History door, you will take your first steps to becoming a historian. You will learn a wide range of historical skills and knowledge to help you explore the wide world of History. Your teacher will allow you time to ask questions and collaborate with others to ensure you think deeply about the History you are learning. They will also ask further question you to make you think and drive you to investigate more doors and pathways. You will have vast opportunities to lead the learning and explore historical periods independently.

The History door has many pathways which cross through other subjects. Your teacher will provide your History learning in a cross-curricular way so you are learning History through English, PE, Art and many more subjects. You might be writing a diary of Samuel Pepys, be competing in the Ancient Greek Olympics or creating a timeline of historical art and crafts.

Your lessons will always be different; they’ll be creative and exciting. You will travel through time using drama, music, writing, art and discussions. One week you might be a soldier, the next an archaeologist and another week, just yourself! You will use both the indoor space and outdoor areas to help you explore, develop and explain your historical understanding.

To enrich your learning even further, your teacher will provide you with artefacts, resources and themed days. You might even discover some historical sources for yourself in an archaeological dig or trip to an ancient site. This will help you to become historians through problem solving and applying your historical knowledge. It will also help you to understand History from others’ points of view.

By passing through the door, you will be reflecting on and adding to a never-ending timeline around the school. With each lesson, you will gain an understanding of why History matters and where it fits in to the past and today’s societies. Your teacher and peers will help you to understand the past, why people acted as they did, how it has helped us today and to think about how this might look in the future.

History in action

If you would like to know more about the curriculum your child is following, please speak with your child’s class teacher who will be happy to give you further information and signpost you to useful websites.