The Music Door

Blue door


You will learn to play recorder when you go through this door. You will be able to read music and will enjoy playing in small groups and as a class. You will compose your own music then work with others to play your composition as well as recording and improving it. Some of your compositions will be on the computer and you will learn how to create digital music.  You will also sing a whole range of different songs with the rest of your class including rounds, songs in harmony and action songs. When you listen to music you will gradually get better at analysing and understanding what you are hearing and your love of different types of music will grow.

At different times during the year professional musicians will come into school and talk to you about their instrument and play to you. This will excite you and lead you to some of you wanting to learn a new instrument which we will help you with. In fact we will offer you the chance to learn one of a choice of 9 instruments with our brilliant visiting teachers: bells, trumpet, clarinet, piano, cello, guitar, saxophone, drums and ukulele.

As soon as you can play a few notes you will be welcomed into the School Band where you will learn to perform a whole range of varied music including classical, big band, jazz, film and pop music.

You are all encouraged to join the School Choir and will learn to sing two and three part harmonies as well as solos and duets. As part of Band and Choir you will perform in two large scale concerts, one show and a number of performances in the local community. You will love being part of a group and hearing how your contribution adds to the incredible sounds the Choir and Band produce.

By passing through this door you will learn a new language – the language of music and you will have this skill for ever and ever.

Music in action

If you would like to know more about the curriculum your child is following, please speak with your child’s class teacher who will be happy to give you further information and signpost you to useful websites.