The PSCHE Door

grey door


You will learn through high quality circle time sessions and class discussions where you will feel safe to voice your thoughts and opinions on a range of personal, political and ethical topics. Your teacher will provide opportunities for you to work co-operatively within PSHE and in other lessons, through paired and team work, and this will help to develop your social skills, your ability to form relationships and your understanding of and respect for one another’s views.

Your personal development will be enhanced by exciting outdoor learning, from circle time in the outdoor classroom, to team games and challenges, to being inspired to make links with and care for the natural environment.

Sometimes you will learn PSCHE in specific lessons and assemblies, but you will also develop your understanding of ethical values, different cultures and what it means to be a responsible citizen through exploration in other subjects. You will have opportunities to make decisions in a democratic way, giving you a voice to put forward ideas, and preparing you for becoming a reflective and responsible member of a group. You will be listened to.

You will learn about keeping healthy and safe, physically and emotionally, and you will learn how to form safe and constructive relationships with others. You will learn how to use technology, including the internet, safely and responsibly.

Your teachers will promote fairness, understanding and respect. You will belong to a school where the behaviour is excellent, people are kind to one another, and different families, cultures and communities are valued.

When you walk through the PSCHE door you will feel safe and happy at school, you will feel secure about your relationships with teachers and other children and you will feel like you belong. You will feel excited and motivated by the thought of coming to school and learning.

The PSHE door will open many other doors for you: it will develop your independence and confidence; you will grow as an individual and a member of the wider community and will be prepared positively for life in modern Britain.

PSCHE is covered on a daily basis in many of the curriculum areas.  Classes will participate in circle time throughout the week and some classes engage in Philosophy for Children. Assemblies cover many much of the Spiritual, Moral and Cultural aspects of learning and all teachers follow the Herts PSCHE syllabus for PSCHE.

PSCHE in action

If you would like to know more about the curriculum your child is following, please speak with your child’s class teacher who will be happy to give you further information and signpost you to useful websites.