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Press Stop!

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Radio Club
The school’s radio club broadcasts regularly at lunchtimes. This involves the children using the radio equipment for live and recorded shows; children use the equipment to support many areas of the curriculum.
We are looking in to broadcasting our Radio Station over the internet – watch this space!

Children use Audacity to create sound files. Listen to Daisy and Paras talking about a holiday destination as part of their work on St Lucia – Are you persuaded to go there for a holiday?

Radio Advert Year 6 – Paras

Radio Advert Year 6 Daisy

Children in Year 3 make their adverts come alive. Listen to Jessie and Ellie’s advert

Radio Advert Year 3 – Jessie and Ellie

Radio Station Music/Messages online form

Please click here to load the form and submit your music requests and any messages you may want to be broadcasted, like someone’s birthday.

TV Station
We have started running a TV club after school to hone pupils’ skills on filming, editing and interviewing. Pupils have access to a digital filming camera and editing facilities within school.

Sky Studios 2018 – eSafety

Harpenden Public Halls pantomime interviews with the cast of Dick Whittington 2017

Sandridge School Radio & TV Station – Highlights Video 2015-2017

Interview with Interview with Billy Byrne from BBC’s DIY SOS

Sandridge School Radio & TV Station – News Project 2017

Sky Studios

Alban Arena Pantomime interviews with the cast of Snow White

Harpenden Public Halls interviews with the main cast of Cinderella Pantomime

Interviews with ex leavers regarding SATs and moving to Secondary School

Sandridge School News Project 2016

Alban Arena interviews

‘Peter Pan’ Pantomine, St Albans – Interview with Finn and Kizzie.

Miss Carr’s interview

Gabz Gardiner interview

Facebook & Twitter
We are on Facebook, Twitter & Vimeo. Click on the logos below to view our social media pages.

Radio & TV Trips/Events

Harry Potter Studio Tour Trip

On Wednesday 4th July members of TV/Radio Club rode our magical broomsticks to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Leavesden to see the Harry Potter studios!
Once we had safely landed and been handed our special passports, we were off! When we arrived at Hogwarts’ magical moving staircase, we were greeted by one of the learning team for an hour long workshop on film and media. We saw how the films are made right from the beginning stages to the final cut.
We were shown how the props were made – most of them by hand on site and no two are exactly the same. We were able to hold props which the public don’t normally get the chance to see.
During the workshop we had our very own Harry, Ron and Hermione acting a part from the original script from one of the films!
We learned that you must only use a director’s surname, never their first name or you risk being sacked on the spot, and that a location manager gets paid to go on holiday to find location shoots that look like the story boards – lucky them!
After the workshop we carried on with the tour to end up on the broomstick ride, which was thoroughly enjoyed by children and staff alike!
It was a great experience for the children to see how films are made in such a professional setting. This reinforces what the pupils have learned in TV club and shows how these skills and knowledge could lead on to a career in media.

TV Club – News Project 2018 at The SandPit Theatre

Thursday, 17th May, in the evening TV & Radio Club had their news project ‘reveal evening’ at The SandPit Theatre. We watched a video of our year in highlights, followed by our news programme that we have been working on since January.
This year we covered the very last two trees being planted at Heartwood Forest, Hector’s 100th Birthday, St Albans New Museum and Art Gallery, the big cat, eSafety (with a guest interview with Gabz Gardiner) and this year also saw our very first weather report.
The evening was a lovely way to showcase our work to the school community on the big screen and to reward the pupils for their commitment and hard work. The pupils each received a certificate presented to them by our VIP guest Derek Martin (Eastenders’ Charlie Slater).
This year saw the numbers of the audience rise from 55 last year to 110! We also took the opportunity to thank the community members who have helped us with the news projects and we had made cards to present to our guests. For those of you who were there on the evening, Mrs Teakle almost got her ‘thank you’ but I ended up wearing it instead!
The videos from the evening will be available on the school website under the Radio & TV Station page at the start of next week.
I would like to thank all who came along to watch, Derek Martin for being our VIP guest and lastly The SandPit Theatre staff who ensured the event ran very smoothly.

(Pictures of the evening coming soon)

Sky Studios 2018

For a second year, the school took 31 pupils to Sky Studios in West London to record a news programme about eSafety on Monday 16th April. Sky has four studios which create different parts of the news programme, including on-location interviews and eyewitness reports. All our pupils were put into groups and they chose the roles they would like, including camera operator, producer, and director, and we then set to work!

The Sky staff were so impressed with the pupils’ knowledge and skills with regards to the equipment. They also commented on the excellent behaviour of the pupils and how they supported and helped each other.

We had a guided tour of one of the golf studio sets and were lucky enough to see all the journalists at work and even watched the Sky News presenters on set while they were live on TV! They taught us about the different types of studio equipment including lighting, cameras and even a control room. It is a wonderful experience to see and use professional TV Studio equipment.

All pupils who attended have been given a memory stick with the finished news programme.

Harpenden Public Halls – Pantomime Cast Interviews 2017

On Monday, 20th November 2017, three of our Radio & TV pupils, Maisie, Herbie and Josie, attended Harpenden Public Halls to interview some of the cast of this year’s pantomime; Dick Whittington.
Oh yes we did!
We were lucky enough to interview Alissa King-Underwood (Miss Cambridgeshire 2016) who is playing Alice in the pantomime and Jen Pringle (from Channel 5’s Milkshake) who is playing Fairy Bowbells. Each pupil had to come up with three questions for each cast member. The pupils did an amazing job and were complimented on their professionalism!
Thank you to Harpenden Public Halls and Act One Pantomimes and a big well done to our pupils.

Fleetville Junior School – Radio Training – 2017

Over the last few weeks we have been supporting Fleetville School who have their own radio equipment.
Abi, Jess and Robert have been helping to teach their pupils how to operate their equipment and to create radio adverts using Audacity for live or pre-recorded broadcasts. They have come up with lots of great ideas for their radio station and we will be going back over the next few weeks to see how things are progressing and to see them in action.
This has been a good community link and the staff at Fleetville have said on a number of occasions what polite, helpful and knowledgeable pupils we have. Well done to the pupils involved. Please read their feedback letter about our support to right of this page.

E2BN Conference – 2017

Every year the school attends the E2BN Conference in Wyboston Lakes in Bedfordshire, with the schools Radio & TV Station. He takes four pupils to help run and operate the equipment over the two days of the conference. This year it was the turn of Joshua, Felix, Liberty and Layla.

We show-case how our radio and TV works within many areas of the national curriculum and we also offer to help schools with starting this up at their own schools. We saw lots of delegates on both days who asked us all questions about this wonderful extra- curricular opportunity that we have at Sandridge.

The pupils also interviewed the other stand-holders, asking questions about their products or online services. We all had a great time and the pupils managed to get lots of free items from the other stand-holders!
Once again, we had lots of amazing comments from people about how wonderfully polite the pupils were and how sensibly they asked and answered questions.

Unfortunately, this will be our last year at the E2BN Conference as they are changing the way they run their conferences from next year. We would therefore like to say thank you to E2BN for having us for the last three years and giving us this exciting opportunity.

Southfield School Summer Fair – Audio services 2017

Southfield School in Hatfield had their Summer Fair last Saturday 24th June and we were, again, invited to the school to provide our audio services. We take along our radio equipment and broadcast live to their community, reading out messages and updates throughout the event.

Robert, Herbie, Talya, Georgina and Isaac did an outstanding job and the Headteacher of Southfield commented that they were all a real credit to the school. Their behaviour was wonderful and they were very professional over the mic and spoke so clearly. They also know how to operate the equipment without needing support or help – the Southfield Head said I had put myself out of my own job as the pupils were running it so it well!
This has been a lovely community connection with a local school and they have already invited us back next year.

TV Club News Project – 2017

Each year the TV Club team create a news project to show to a live audience. This project is based on the BBC’s School Report which is, sadly, only for secondary schools, so we decided to create our own version!

Each group of children had to research/plan/think of questions and invite guests within our local community for an interview. For this year’s project we had five news items that the pupils wanted to report on. The reveal evening was last Thursday 18th May at the SandPit Theatre which sits on the Sandringham School site. We had 51 people attend on the evening which is great number of people and gives us an opportunity to showcase what we do in TV club. We would like to thank the SandPit theatre and their staff for the use of their theatre and we hope to be able to book it again for next year’s news project. If you missed the chance to attend our news project will shortly be available to view on the school website. The interviews are very interesting and some even have a twist in them, so they are definitely worth a watch! Each pupil who took part was presented with an outstanding work certificate. Well done to Georgina B, Tegan, Amy, Joshua, Leo, Alexandra, Darcy, Freddie M, Herbie, Tiffany, Rhiannon, Jessica, Aaron, Isaac, Talya and Max; you were all amazing!

Sky Academy Skills Studios – 2017

On Wednesday, 29 pupils from Year 5 and 6 went to Sky Studios in West London. They used their high spec studies to record a news report on e-safety which was a topical subject this week.

The pupils were split into four groups and each group went to one of the four studios used to create different parts of a news report. They chose the roles they would like, including camera operator, producer, or director, and we set to work!

The Sky staff also gave us a guided tour of one of their golf studio sets and we were lucky enough to see all the journalists at work. They taught us about the different types of studio lighting and asked us how much we thought they cost – Joseph cleverly chose the right answer!

All the Sky staff commented on how well behaved our pupils were and they were also very impressed with their existing filming and editing skills.

The finished news report will be available on our school website under the Radio & TV station tabs and on our Vimeo account which again you can access though the website. The pupils who attended the trip have today been given their own Sky USB memory stick with the finished news report on.

The finished news report is available above in the video section. Pictures below of this text of the day.

Alban Arena Pantomime Cast Interviews – 2016

On Wednesday 4th January, Izzy, Joseph, Rosie, Josh and Amy went to the Alban Arena in St Albans with Mrs Teakle to interview some of the cast of this year’s pantomime, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The pupils had to research and prepare questions for each of the four cast members: Brian Wheeler from Star Wars and the Harry Potter films, who was playing one of the dwarfs, Jonny Godbold playing Prince Charming, Dave Bibby playing Muddles, and Lauren Cocoracchio playing Snow White.

The cast were very impressed with our pupils’ questions and their behaviour, politeness and the professional way that the interviews were conducted. The pupils also got special signed autographs from each of the cast members to add to the growing collection on our studio autograph wall!

The pupils will be editing the interviews over the next few weeks, and once the editing process is finished, we will upload the final version to the school website, under our Radio & TV Station page and our social media sites.

We would like to thank the Alban Arena Marketing team who have made this possible over the last two years.It was a great trip and the pupils really showed Sandridge School in a very good light.

Well done everyone!

Interviews with the Cast of “Cinderella” at Harpenden Public Halls – 2016

On Thursday 8th December Mrs Teakle took Jess, Georgina and Freddie to Harpenden Public Halls to interview Jess Robinson (from TV’s 1000 Voices), Luke Roberts (from CITV and Cartoonito’s Hi-5), Steve Leeds (from Go! Go! Go! on Nick Jr) and Honey Fine (From X Factor’s Mon Amie).

Our pupils had to research each cast member and write up questions to ask. Each interview went brilliantly and the cast members were very impressed with the amount of research that had been done. Steve Leeds was especially impressed that we had found out he was in the final seven for the role of Troy in High School Musical!

Once the editing process has taken place we will post the interviews to our social media pages so you can find out what questions we asked.

We were really impressed with the pupils’ interview techniques and their impeccable behaviour – well done!

Fleetville School
We have been supporting Fleetville school in St Albans for a year now with pupils from Sandridge training Fleetville’s pupils on operating their radio station equipment and showing them how to use Audacity to record radio adverts for their pre-recorded shows. Well done to Jo and Isaac who did an outstanding job teaching their pupils. Please see the letter on the right hand side of this page for their feedback about our support.


Southfield School Summer Fair

This year we were asked back to run our radio station and to provide music and messages throughout Southfield School’s Summer Fair. The E2BN crew went along to help out. Again, we had lots of great comments about the pupils on how confident they were when speaking on the mic and talking to other people. They all seemed to have a fantastic time.

Southfield School only have 75 pupils on roll and managed to raise £2,445, which is good going for a small school. Well done to the pupils for another successful event.


E2BN Conference 2016

This year we attended the E2BN conference again to showcase our Radio & TV Station and offer some of our services to other schools. We had our stand as normal but we also provided a workshop for people to learn more about the equipment and licensing side of having radio and TV in their schools. Isabella, Amy, Shiam and Ethan showed their green screen and audacity skills off to our audience and the delegates were then able to have a go themselves. In between running the workshop and radio station they were busy interviewing other exhibitors. This year we had our own branded t-shirts and table cloths and we looked very professional! We have a lot of schools now very keen to book us for a Radio & TV experience day. Overall the feedback we had was fantastic and everyone commented on how well behaved, well mannered and smiley the children were. Well done to the pupils.



Alban Arena – Interviews with this year’s cast of ‘Peter Pan’ panto

We were lucky enough to interview some of the cast of this year’s pantomime, Peter Pan, at the Alban Arena. The pupils wrote questions for each cast member they were interviewing – Jake Wood, Katrina Bryan, Bob Golding and David Ribi.


Lakeside School – Radio training

We have supported other schools in Hertfordshire with training their staff and pupils on their Radio or TV Stations.


Sandridge School Summer Fair

We invited Gabz Gardiner to officially open our summer fair, perform and meet members of our school community. We provided the sound for Gabz and also ran our Radio Station over the day.


Southfield School Summer Fair
We were asked to provide music and messages throughout their summer fair. Pupils attended to run our Radio Station. We really enjoy working with the community


E2BN Conference
We attended the E2BN Conference to showcase our Radio & TV Station and to show the many benefits of having this resource on school premises.

E2BN conference photo