Sandridge School Vision

Blue door

Our promise to our children:

I promise to make sure that no door is closed to you because we want you to a have life full of choice. We will make sure our excellent teaching means that you make better progress than most other children in Maths and English. This will open some of the biggest and heaviest doors. These doors take time, patience, effort, trust and resilience but we promise to help you and support you and you will find the way through.

Recently we have open new doors in music and PE.

If you choose the music pathway we promise to teach you an instrument – you can be part of a band and then an orchestra – you will learn harder and harder pieces- you will become a musician and speak musical language. You may choose the sport pathway – this leads to a variety of exciting doors and through each door a specialist teacher will coach you and train you and help you to improve. We have begun to open the doors to Computing, History and Geography and some doors we are yet to find the key.  There are many more doors – each door is colourful and exciting. Whichever pathway you take will lead to another door.

At Sandridge your pathways will be endless.

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Sandridge Equality Mission Statement

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