School Performance Data and Ofsted

This term (Spring 2016) the school received a letter from the Managing Director and Strategic Lead Primary from Herts for Learning congratulating the Headteacher, staff and the children on the truly outstanding Key Stage 2 progress measures for our school in 2016.

‘To reach or exceed the national median levels for progress in all three areas of reading, writing and mathematics is a significant achievement and reflects the good and outstanding teaching the children are enjoying in our school. We never underestimate the significant role that you, as Headteacher of Sandridge School, play in bringing about such outcomes for the children. We know that school are complex and dynamic places, but we have no doubt the quality of the leadership of the school is the biggest factor in determining success for the children.’

School Performance Tables 2016                                                                      RV5 Final 442097 15th May (2014)