Teaching and Learning

High quality first teaching is an expectation at Sandridge and this is where our children learn the most. However, intervention is a big part of the teaching and learning at Sandridge. Some children can fall behind, due to a number of reasons and therefore need a boost to catch up in order to make the expected progress and to reach the attainment level for their age.  Intervention can take the form of focus class interventions or short sharp bursts of catch up, within the lesson or out of the lesson. The Intervention Programe Sandridge has in place ensures that no child falls behind and that every child achieves their potential. Pupil progress monitoring is rigerous and the interventions have a high positive impact.

Mrs Emma Taylor looks after the interventions, working closely with the headteacher and teachers, planning intervention which will have an expected impact half termly. Interventions are regularly monitored and evaluated and adjusted. Teaching and learning is pacey at Sandridge and the children love it.