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St Albans Hertfordshire, AL4 9EB
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Our aim is for pupils at Sandridge to have access to outstanding musical learning, participation and achievement. This is achieved through us providing a rich, relevant and interesting music curriculum in class as well as the opportunity and encouragement to participate in a wide range of high quality extra-curricular music where their musical skills are further developed. We aim for all pupils to learn a musical instrument leading to a life-long love of performing and participating in music.

In EYFS, pupils will participate in singing a wide variety of songs, create and explore sounds and rhythms on a variety of instruments and start to compose their own rhythms and songs. As pupils progress through KS1 and 2 they will further develop their abilities to perform, compose and analyse music. Your child will learn to play the recorder and, as such, will learn to read music.  They will enjoy playing in small groups and as part of class performances on a range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression. They will learn to compose and record their own music, some of which will be created digitally, and work with others to perform it and improve it. Your child will take part in singing a wide range of different songs from different genres including rounds, songs in harmony and action songs. They will also learn to listen with attention to detail and recall sounds with increasing aural memory. They will analyse and understand the different tones and layers that create music. In the Summer term professional musicians come into school and talk to your child about their instruments and perform to them. This further develops your child’s ability to appreciate and understand a wide range of high-quality live music drawn from different traditions and composers. They will further develop an understanding of the history of music through various class studies of aspects of music e.g. instruments or composers.

Music at Sandridge is generally taught weekly but at times is blocked so that longer sessions enable better quality outcomes -for example when pupils are composing and benefit from longer sessions to explore and develop their ideas.

At Sandridge we believe that sharing our music with the local community is extremely valuable for both performers and audience and aim to give as many pupils as possible the experience of performing to a wide range of audiences.

Learning an instrument has a range of benefits including improving memory skills and teaching perseverance, as well as creating an outlet where your child can express themselves artistically. At Sandridge, we offer the chance to learn one of 14 instruments: trumpet, horn, clarinet, saxophone, dood, flute, fife, piano, violin, cello, guitar, drums, guitar and ukulele. Lessons are given by specialist peripatetic music teachers.

Our KS2 Choir and Band provide a further outlet for musical performance and aims to develop our instrumentalists and singers to perform at the highest possible level.


Click here for the Sandridge Band and Choir videos for remote practising.