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In Sandridge School, Maths is taught daily through discrete Maths lessons, mental Maths tests, times tables tests and in a cross-curricular way through many other subjects. Understanding that Maths is used everywhere and in every subject, helps pupils to make links, be more fluent and develop their mathematical thinking.

Pupils experience limitless learning in Maths. This means that they are able to understand how much they grasp a mathematical concept and then choose the task which suits their ability the best. There is a free-flow system in the lessons; so if one task isn’t challenging enough, they move to the reasoning aspect of the lesson or the next ‘Spice Level’; or if it is too challenging, they can move to the previous ‘Spice Level’.

In Sandridge, we differentiate our learning through the ‘Chilli Challenge’. Every day, the tasks are divided into ‘Mild’, ‘Warm’, ‘Hot’ and ‘Spicy’. Pupils working on ‘Warm’ tasks are working at an age related standard for their year group in that lesson. Pupils do not have to do the same ‘Spice Level’ each lesson; their choice is dependent on their strengths and confidence.

Throughout the year, pupils at Sandridge access the full range of mathematical concepts: number, shape, space, measures and data handling. These are all planned so that they flow and link to one another. In every lesson, pupils apply their knowledge through discrete mathematics and then deepen their understanding through reasoning problems. Pupils are encouraged to grapple with problems and unpick the ‘how’ and ‘why’ in mathematics on a daily basis. They constantly recap and return to mathematical concepts to help with new learning or to deepen their previous understanding.

In order for pupils to understand mathematical concepts and explain their thinking, they are encouraged to, and praised for, using a wide range of mathematical vocabulary. It is expected that they reason and explain their understanding through words, diagrams and using manipulatives.

All pupils have an equal access to mathematical equipment and resources to ensure they can all achieve their full potential in Maths.

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