Woodcock Hill, Sandridge
St Albans Hertfordshire, AL4 9EB
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Art has influence; it has its roots embedded in history and reflects and shapes the world around us. At Sandridge, your child will learn how to use art to express how they feel about the things around them, where your child will learn that Art has no one correct outcome; that it is a reflection of their own personal responses and, over time, will hone their skills at representing what they envisage.

Creating will be magical.
Creating will be inspiring.
Creating will be a journey.

Your child’s teacher will encourage them to explore, experiment and improve their mastery of techniques. Your child will experience a range of materials and learn which media can best reflect the emotion they are trying to convey. There will always be challenges; through this your child will achieve new skills.

They will spend time learning about key artists and artistic movements; some of which your child will connect with, others they won’t, but with guidance from your child’s teacher they will be able to understand and express their emotional responses through their own art. Which we proudly display around the school for others to enjoy and be inspired by.

Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness – Anni Albers