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Here at Sandridge, we strive to tailor our curriculum to each and every pupil so that they can make the best possible progress throughout their time at our school. From the very beginning, we promote a love of reading and writing through the use of engaging texts, creative experiences and links to other subject areas wherever possible. Within our creative curriculum, active learning is at the heart of all our teaching; pupils have the opportunity to explore a range of activities, both inside, as well as in our outdoor environment which we are fortunate enough to have plenty of.

Pupils are encouraged to develop a love of language and value the power of words throughout English lessons. In these lessons, teachers plan in time for vital speaking and listening activities; grammar and punctuation tasks; as well as the discreet teaching of reading skills, since we believe strongly that successful writing stems from sharing texts that inspire, and through the development of fluent readers.

This journey to becoming a fluent reader starts with the building blocks of phonics, which is taught daily in Early Years and Key Stage One classes, using Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised, and embedded in spelling lessons across the rest of the school.  Opportunities to apply the skills learnt are planned for across the curriculum and discussed when reading together.  All this culminates in learners that not only see the value of writing, but who enjoy the writing process across a range of genres and audiences.

Lessons allow pupils to develop their confidence when manipulating their writing skills and our limitless-learning approach enables learners to stretch themselves within each lesson, or seek further adult support whenever needed. This growth mind-set encourages pupils to engage positively with their learning journey and develop the resilience needed to embark on the next steps of their education.