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St Albans Hertfordshire, AL4 9EB
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At Sandridge, your child will learn French for 30 minutes per week in KS2. Lessons are kinaesthetic and fun with lots of listening and speaking opportunities that will give your child the confidence to ’have a go’.

Your child will take part in interactive games to have fun with pronunciation. They will also use props for engaging in fun role play to make the experiences more ‘real’.

Each child in the class will be equipped with vocabulary lists related to the topics from the scheme we use, “Les Loustics”. Each pupil will also be provided with a Les Loustics activity book, which is really engaging with listening, reading and writing activities sometimes including stickers.

During the lesson, we aim for each child to be independent when exploring the language. He/she will enjoy using French in their day to day routine, such as taking the register, choosing lunches and greeting each other. They will learn French songs and sing English songs in French that will expand their vocabulary.

Your child’s teacher will ensure that they are given the support they need to become a confident speaker with the opportunity to take on the role of the teacher’s assistant to help those who find something a bit more challenging overcome their obstacles or doubts.

Your child will be encouraged to celebrate our multicultural society and the increasingly multicultural nature of the school by celebrating not just French but also other nationalities in assemblies and on ‘international days’ held in the school.

Learning another language in not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about thing – Flora Lewis