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Religious Education is taught weekly at Sandridge. Learning is planned and delivered by the class teacher (or Higher Level Teaching Assistant) to be informative, exciting and cross curricular. Lessons are interactive where possible and include artefacts, pictures, ICT, visits and visiting speakers.

When planning lessons in RE, guidance is taken from ‘The Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus of Religious Education’. All religions are studied – the aim is to inform pupils about other faiths that they may come into contact with in everyday life. Pupils are taught about different religions, then discuss and compare them.

In Early Years and at KS1, activities relate to different people – their culture and their customs. We explore the similarities between religions and also how they differ. For example, for most celebrations (in any religion) cards are often sent, presents given, food is shared and families get together to celebrate an event.

In KS2, the pupil’s existing knowledge of faiths is revisited and enquiry, exploration, discussion and questioning are investigated to encourage empathy and understanding for other faiths and practices. For example, different religions may follow a leader or god, have a special book or have artefacts that hold meanings to their followers.