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At Sandridge School, we currently follow the PlanBee published scheme of work for R.E and are working towards following the new Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2023-28 from September 2024.

R.E underpins our school visions and values and plays a key role in developing an understanding and knowledge of every pupil, as well as supporting many values such as respect, diversity, compassion and acceptance. Our school community includes pupils of a variety of faiths along with many who hold no religion at all. We learn about these faiths and other major world religions and worldviews. We offer our pupils engaging and exciting R.E lessons, which cover the statutory requirements of the R.E national curriculum. We are committed to delivering R.E and raising the profile of R.E for our pupils in our diverse society.

Our curriculum aims to give all learners the knowledge and necessary skills to be able to develop their religious and theological literacy. We are passionate about giving all pupils the opportunity to engage with and investigate different beliefs that drive themselves as individuals and others in the world around them.

Through a curriculum that is based around a deep and meaningful engagement with religion and belief, pupils engage with the realities of religious teachings and experiences and foster a strong grasp of the foundations that underpin them.

Throughout pupils’ journey across the school, they discuss and explore the human experience of faith and non-religious worldviews and their significance in the world today. Through the sequence of learning opportunities, which are based on a study of the concepts that are at the very heart of religion, they use this knowledge to confidently communicate with others in school and the wider community.  Our R.E is enhanced by visitors from different faiths and weekly faith story assemblies.

We also visit places of worship including the local Parish Church of St. Leonard’s which has strong links to our community.

In Nursery, pupils learn to develop positive attitudes about differences between people. This happens by celebrating and valuing cultural, religious and community events and experiences. They also understand that some places are special to members of their community. They also recognise that people have different beliefs and celebrate special times in different ways.

Reception pupils learn about some similarities and differences between different religious and cultural communities in this country, drawing on their own experiences and what has been read in class.

Pupils learn about appropriate seasonal festivals through a range of different mediums including, books, artefacts etc. Pupils will share their own personal experiences which will reflect the diverse community and faiths of our cohort.

Our R.E curriculum provides our pupils with engaging, interactive and enjoyable lessons, which stimulate their curiosity. Each lesson provides assessment opportunities, through a range of tasks. Some of these tasks include: writing, performing, drawing, making or class discussions. This provides the teacher with an opportunity to assess pupils in a discrete way.

We provide our staff with the freedom to deliver these lessons under the guidance of our R.E curriculum. We believe our teachers are in the best position to adapt and make these judgements based on the knowledge of their pupils. Staff are provided with a curriculum overview of their six R.E topics during the academic year. Lesson plans are clearly laid out and teachers are provided with differentiated learning outcomes and greater depth questioning.

As it is important to make connections in their learning, from KS1, pupils will revisit each of the eight key areas listed below every year so they can reinforce their learning and commit to memory. The eight key areas that will lead to an understanding of religions and worldviews are as follows; Beliefs and Practices, Sources of Wisdom, Symbols and Actions, Prayer, Worship and Reflection, Identity and Belonging, Ultimate Questions, Human Responsibilities and Values and;  Justice and Fairness.

Throughout each school year, every class will be developing and exploring world views and life’s big questions. Each half term, pupils will complete an activity to compile and create a ‘World Views Book” to provide a reflective journey through the school.

We encourage members of faith to share their beliefs and the way that these shape their lives. Pupils and their families are encouraged to share their experiences with their peers and are always keen to lead discussions and answer questions. We recognise that visits to places of worship develop the natural curiosity in our pupils. The skills and appreciation for the subject that the pupils develop over their time at Sandridge gives them a strong foundation for their transition into KS3 and beyond.

RE Curriculum Overview

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